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MILF Makes Her Husband Sissy Suck

Talk about a MILF sex confession!

"Let's get a little practice in before the party, shall we?" Doreen laughed as she made her transvestite husband get down on his knees before her and take her strapon into his mouth. "Let's see some of that husband cock sucking technique I've been training you with" Doreen sneered "All good sissy boys must know how to suck a man's penis well!" Steve did as his dominant wife ordered, he had long ago surrendered his manhood to her and now only existed to serve and obey her perverted demands and wishes. "That's good Steve" his wife hissed "Suck like you're a little prison bitch trying to please his black cell mate master!" She did so enjoy shaming and humiliating her transvestite husband like this..."

More here when this MILF makes her husband sissy suck and enjoys his shame!


Posted: Monday 28th July 2008, 2:19 AM

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