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Hot MILF Sex Confession Interview

Q: We'd like to welcome "Maria" to our little MILF Confessor sex blog today. She's going to share one of her wilder sexual adventures with us. We changed her name to protect her privacy. Should we get started?
A: Yes, by all means - and thanks for inviting me!

Q: So what hot "MILF sex confession" do you have for us today?
A: I was going to tell you about the time I cheated on my first husband with two guys at once!

Q: Mmm, sounds good. Dish, girl, dish! LOL
A: Well, we were having marital problems at the time, mainly the fact he couldn't fuck me for more than five minutes without having to roll over and go to sleep. And foreplay? Forget it! I think I must of gone through like fifteen packs of batteries for my vibrator that winter. The poor guy at the local 7-11 must of thought I was powering the whole house off of them the way I was buying them!

Q: Good one, hehe...
A: Anyway, I was starting to hit internet chat rooms and message boards trying to meet men. At first I thought it was just going to be some dirty chat and maybe a phone sex session or two, but it soon went way farther than that.

Q: Met someone nice?
A: Not just one guy, but a whole bunch of men who were as interested in sex as I was! I finally started having some really heavy chats with two brothers - Frank and Jamie. It was awesome! I had never been in a threesome before, so the thought of sexually servicing two men at once was an idea I became, like obsessed with. - and the thought of doing it with two brothers just blew my mind. I knew we had to meet.

Q: And did you?
A: Yes! We met in a public cafe just so we could get to know each other and so I could make sure they weren't like serial killers, or something. LOL.

Q: But it went okay?
A: Oh, yeah, They were absolute gentlemen and made me feel quite relaxed. They were both from Germany and had been in the states for fives years studing engineering.

Q: So they were quite young?
A: In their mid-twenties.

Q: Wow! You lucky girl. Two hot young studs! For our reader's out there, how old are you?
A: I'll be fifty-three next month.

Q: And looking great I might add.
A: Thanks! I try to keep in shape and watch what I eat.

Q: Okay, back to the good stuff! When did you bed these two stud muffins?
A: The very next week! We met at a small hotel by their campus, had a few drinks and fell into bed rather quickly I must confess!

Q: Details!
A: Well, after some mutual kissing and taking our clothes off, etc, I began to play with both their cocks. Nice and big, just hard as a rock, amazing! I was enjoying myself immensely rubbing their cocks together and licking up one and down the other, sometimes even taking both their cock heads into my mouth at once. I had my legs spread and they were taking turns fingering my pussy and anus. I was in heaven! We must of fondled and fingered like that for a good half-hour. I was just enjoying the foreplay, since I never got any at home.

Q: Like many women....
A: Yes, but this was so awesome! One thing we had talked about in our naughty little chats was a double-penetration scene. I just wanted to feel both their cocks in me at the same time, pumping and thrusting. It took a little bit of finding the right position, but we did it! I have to say feeling a hard cock up your ass as another one slams your clit has to be one of the most intense sexual feelings a woman can experience!

Q: Did they orgasm like that?
A: No! I waited till I felt them getting close, then I wiggled out from between them and scooted around so I could catch their full jizm blast on my face and neck. I think one of the best things an older woman can do for her skin is get a hot semen facial! And boy, when they ejaculated did I get one! Hot delicious cum splashing all over my face, mouth and running down between my breasts and all over my stomach. They just kept cuming, young men can shoot so much! It was pure heaven!

Q: Was that the only time you got it on with them?
A: No. We had a regular thing going for about six months. i used to laugh hearing my gal pals talking about how lucky they were if their husband's fucked them once or twice a month, and here I was getting to play, suck, fuck and drain two young cocks almost every week! It lasted until my husband found out and my lawyer told me to end it so I would have a better chance in court during the divorce.

Q: Pity, but WOW! That was an excellent MILF sex confession and story for us, Maria, thanks!
A: My pleasure! And I just want to thank all your readers for giving me a chance to share some naughty older woman sex stories with you!

There you have it! More MILF sex confessions to come, so check back often!


Posted: Thursday 19th April 2007, 6:04 PM

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